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Our Environmental Commitment
Costa Rica is an icon of ecology and natural wealth. With an ambitious conservation program, perhaps one of the most developed among tropical rainforest countries, the Government protects more than 10 percent of the country. Costa Rica is considered by many to be a shining example of environmental stewardship.

Our workers have learned to remove the roots without damaging the environment. Using an age-old method with the help of oxen, very little impact is made on the delicate ecosystems of Costa Rica. Even the scraps from the hand-carved pieces are used for our jewelry collection.

These careful measures keep Costa Rica on the top of the Happy Planet Index.

The Root52 Gallery Collection is made up of over 20 exotic woods. Learn more about your favorites here.

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The Costa Rican government has certified that our products have been harvested responsibly. Click here to learn more.

Visit to learn more about saving Costa Rican rainforests and others around the world.